ATI T5 Bulbs


ATI T5 Bulbs – the latest advances in
phosphors & manufacturing have
produced bulbs with higher output,
better coloration, and more stability

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Actinic – 24W, Actinic – 39W, Actinic – 54W, Actinic – 80W, Aquablue Special – 24W, Aquablue Special – 39W, Aquablue Special -54W, Aquablue Special 80W, Blue Plus – 24W, Blue Plus – 39W, Blue Plus – 54W, Blue Plus – 80W, Coral Plus – 24W, Coral Plus – 39W, Coral Plus – 54W, Coral Plus – 80W, Purple Plus – 24W, Purple Plus – 39W, Purple Plus – 54W, Purple Plus – 80W